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Distilling Receivers,Dean-stark,Modified

Distilling Receivers,Dean-stark,Modified

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This innovative and compact Dean-Stark receiver is designed for azeotropic distillations using solvents that are heavier than water. The solvent vapor travels through tube “A” to a condenser inserted in the top standard taper outer joint. Vapors are condensed and collected in the reservoir section. The layers separate and the heavier than water solvent overflows through tube “C” back into the distillation flask. The upper water layer is drained out intermittently using the 4mm PTFE stopcock “D”. Capacity of the lower reservoir is approx. 50mL.

Distilling Receiver, 50mL, Dean-Stark, Modified, 24/40 Joint Size, 4mm PTFE Stopcock, Approx. 355mm Height x 240mm Width

If you need any other size or other Ground joints,please contact with us

Be Made From G3.3 Borosilicate Glass

Annealing Point ------560℃

Linear Coefficient of Expansion------ 33×10-7/℃

Softening Point------820℃

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