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Distillation Receiving Vessels,Cylindrical

Distillation Receiving Vessels,Cylindrical

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Cylindrical shaped distillation receiving vessel for use with  benchtop systems for collecting distillate. The top of the vessel has two 0-8 Chem-cap valves with 1/2” OD Swagelock side arms that offer a conventient way to connect the receiver to PTFE tubing and compression fittings. Bottom of vessel has 0-14 drain valve with a 1/2” OD swagelock sidearm. The body of vessel has approximate volume graduations on the front and back. Vessel body diameter is compataible with clamps which provide an easy way to support the receiver on the frame or hood lattice. 

If you need any other size or other Ground joints,please contact with us

Be Made From G3.3 Borosilicate Glass

Annealing Point ------560℃

Linear Coefficient of Expansion------ 33×10-7/℃

Softening Point------820℃

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