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Big Distillation Kit 2000mL 5000mL 10000mL

Big Distillation Kit 2000mL 5000mL 10000mL

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Customized would be availible

Made by hand blowing

Made of borosilicate glass 3.3


this kit includes the parts as below

1.Distillation flask,Round bottom ,seperately shape with 150MM flange ,two necks,1pcs

2.Receiving Flask,Flat bottom,Seperately Shape with 150MM flange,One neck,1pcs

3.Easily clamp,PTFE anti-corrosion,2pcs

3.Jacket condenser with two removable hose connectors,1pcs

4.19/22 Hollow stopper,1pcs

5.35/20 Stainless steel clamp,2pcs

If you need any other size or other Ground joints,please contact with us

Be Made From G3.3 Borosilicate Glass

Annealing Point ------560℃

Linear Coefficient of Expansion------ 33×10-7/℃

Softening Point------820℃

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