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SP-100 Multi-position Magnetic Stirrer

SP-100 Multi-position Magnetic Stirrer

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Product description:

SP-100 / SP-200 / SP-300 series multi-position magnetic stirrer is designed for the high-efficiency experiments and has 4/8/12 stir bar configurations to choose. It can use laboratory space effective. DC brushless motor make the model:low speed but stable,high speed but powerful with low noise. Stainless steel is coated by silicone resin film disk. Non-slip and anti-corrosion.


1、Digital display stirring speed at real-time , stir bar operate synchronously and provide uniform agitation reaction conditions.

2、Efficient multi-position magnetic stirrer configure 4/8/12 stirring positions to  use lab space effective.

3、DC brushless motor.Low speed but stable,high speed but powerful.Low noise and free maintenance.

4、Stainless steel is coated by silicone resin film disk. Non-slip and anti-corrosion. 


Model  SP-100  SP-200  SP-300
  Stirring Point Quantity  4  8  12
  Max. Size of Stirring Bars  Φ8 x46mm  Φ8 x46mm  Φ8 x46mm
  Max. Stir Capacity  400ml x 4  400ml x 8  400ml x 12
  Speed Display  Digital Display  Digital Display  Digital Display
  Speed Range  200 ~1200rpm  200 ~1200rpm  200 ~1200rpm
  Platform Material  stainless steel with silicon pad  stainless steel with 

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