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hoop anaerobic MFC microbial reactor Anaerobic culture flask

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Product Name: MFC microbial reactor

Specification and model: 100ml IV type hoop fixation

Bottle mouth material: GL45

Cap material: PBT

Whether it can be sterilized: all covers and interface gaskets can be sterilized

There is a new design special fixed flange support at the link between the bottle and the bottle to prevent the bottle from tilting and add a high-quality corrosion-resistant special O-ring inside.

Linkages are fixed with new design hoops. Ensure safe sealing.

GL45 caps are equipped with solid caps or hollow caps. The cover material can be divided into PP or PBT. PP, 140℃ PBT and 180℃ PBT.

Side interfaces are marked with standard threaded nozzle adapters.

The nozzle joint is made of 180℃ PBT material. Hoop material is of high strength and high hardness. It ensures stable and reliable sealing and can be sterilized at 121℃ high temperature and high pressure.

Transparency (2mm): 92%

Elastic modulus: 67KNmm-2

Tensile strength: 40-120 Nmm-2

Stress optical constants of glass: 3.8xl0-6mm2/N

Processing temperature (104dpas): 1220 ℃

Linear Expansion Coefficient: (20-300 ℃) 3.3 x 10-6K-1

Density: 2.23 GCM-1 (20 ℃)

Specific heat: 0.9Jg-1K-1

Thermal conductivity: 1.2Wm-1K-1

Water Resistance: (ISO 719) Level 1

Acidic resistance: (ISO 195) Level 1

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